Spiritual obesity


Spiritual obesity

Spiritual obesity
Imagine an ordinary person who eats a lot of physical food
A person does not move much and gets extra weight for his physical body, which hinders him
Let’s imagine an athlete who is intensively engaged in physical activity
The athlete eats a lot, but all the food turns into energy and into muscles

Let’s imagine a person who is engaged in a lot of spiritual practices, and receives spiritual food
Or imagine that a person is given spiritual food
But an ordinary person receiving spiritual food does not know where to spend it
As a result, an ordinary person develops spiritual obesity
If a person turns spiritual food into energy and spiritual muscles, then he develops in many directions
Food can be physical, feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, plans, energies, etc.

I noticed that if you direct energy flows into a person, it does not always lead to the evolution of this being
You can even make plans for every day for such a person, but the person does not fulfill them
As a result, energy bodies can grow, but a person does not use them, because he does not engage in self-development in these energy bodies
And there is simply an accumulation of spiritual fat, because of this, a person can become clumsy in the spiritual plane and in the physical world too

I saw another good example about the rotation of the chakras
Imagine a wooden log
We can rotate it in different directions, like spiritual chakras
But it will be of little use
But if we set fire to a wooden log, it will turn into a useful warmth and useful work for us, it will give us benefit
This is about the topic of spiritual practices and how to do them in order to get the desired results

I also noticed that people over time become like leather shoes
If the skin is not wetted, it cracks, wrinkles and becomes rough
People with age become more rude, callous, covered with nets of self-destruction
But if you wet yourself in the literal and figurative senses, then you can keep your softness, mobility, naturalness, naturalness, feel like a liquid
That is, a person in old age seems to freeze in place and stops developing
And without development, every creature turns into a rotten stump
I believe that spiritual practices give impulses of energy that should be directed to your evolution and constantly be on the move to perfection